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Awesome Investment Property Available ASAP

You guys remember that wonderful Serbian granny who showed me how to make sarama? If not, read this.  Well… She’s in a bit of a dilemma at the moment. She needs to sell her beautiful home in Sirig, Serbia.


She is one of the many Serbians from Croatia who were expelled from Croatia in the 90’s. She had some beautiful, expensive properties in Zagreb, but had to find a way to get rid of them before losing them. She found a Croatian family with ties to Zagreb who were preparing to leave for Croatia so they traded properties. She has been living in this lovely home for over 25 years now. The issue is the size of the home and property. She’s a widow and it takes too much work to take care of this massive home so she needs to sell it so she can buy a small apartment in Novi Sad.

Sirig, Serbia is a small, quiet village that’s located 20 km from Novi Sad. It’s in the municipality of Temerin and the first village you will encounter when heading north towards Sombor. It’s easily to reach with a bus leaving from Novi Sad every 15 minutes. Sirig has many of your basic needs such as : doctor’s office, pharmacy, schools, shops, churches and bars.


The property itself is my favorite part.The home sits on roughly a 250sq mt lot with 100 of it being a massive backyard with outbuildings and many fruit and nut trees. It’s great for parties, slavas, bbqs or just private family gatherings. We had a great time at my friend’s birthday in June of last year


top floor

top floor (panorama with phone)

bottom floor (panorama with phone)

bottom floor (panorama with phone)

The home is two separated floors so two families could live there. They both have 100 sq meters and private entrances. Both of them have two bedrooms and separated kitchens, full bathrooms, living rooms, dining room, etc.

one downstairs bedroom

one downstairs bedroom

2nd downstairs bedroom

2nd downstairs bedroom


one upstairs bedroom

one upstairs bedroom



2nd upstairs bedroom

2nd upstairs bedroom

upstairs hallway

upstairs hallway

downstairs hallway

downstairs hallway

stairway to upstairs

stairway to upstairs

upstairs bathroom

upstairs bathroom

downstairs bathroom

downstairs bathroom

downstairs kitchen

downstairs kitchen

upstairs balcony

upstairs balcony

I can do a video walk through for anyone who is interested. The house will come fully furnished with the exception of the electronics (washing machine, tv). The price is starting at 75,000 euros which is way less than the value, but she needs to move quickly. She is a very motivated seller and for questions or offers you can contact her Norwegian/Serb grandson, William Nikola at or +381621020546


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Only in Serbia…. “F-117 Bife (Bar)” in Indjia, Serbia


On March 27th, 1999….. The Serbian air defenses were able to blast an F-117 Stealth Nighthawk out of the sky. The only one ever to be shot down.

The F-117 82-0806 (whose remains are exhibited at Belgrade Air Museum) was shot down by the 3rd Battalion of the 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade of the Army of Yugoslavia, with one of several missiles fired by an S-125 “Neva” missile system (NATO reporting name, SA-3 “Goa”) at a distance of about 8 miles.

According to Sergeant Dragan Matić, the soldier later identified as the operator who fired the missiles, the stealth plane was detected at a range of about 50 to 60 kilometres and the surface-to-air missile radar was switched on for no more than 17 seconds to prevent the site to be detected by the NATO’s SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defense) aircraft.

Some pieces of the 82-0806 shot down near Novi Sad were reportedly sent to Russia, to be used in developing anti-stealth technology.

Fast forward to 2014……I was on a bus from Belgrade to Novi Sad. The bus had one stop in between, in the little city of Indjia, Serbia.  The window seat is usually my first choice. I’ve never liked to sit in the aisle and have folks bumping into me the whole time. I was gazing out the window while the bus was pulling around the back of the bus station in Indjia,


when I noticed the words “F-117″ on the side of a little bar. I didn’t get a good look at the place, but noticed a few pictures in the window too. I had to get back over to see this place.

This afternoon,David Dautovic, contacted me for assistance. He is a young man from Pancevo who has been a Facebook friend for a long while. His sister is trying to gather a lot of pictures of people from around the world holding a sign that shows her love for her boyfriend. He asked me if I could help him out with one. I noticed that the bottom of his message said ” Indjia, Serbia”  I quickly asked him if he was anywhere close to the bus station. He was close by so I asked him to seek out this little bar and shoot me some pictures. He was kind enough to snap the following pictures:


I’ll head over there in the next few weeks to do some videos from this location. I might wear my Canadian flag shirt ! It might be a little safer! 🙂
Everyone likes Canadians.


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Another Massive Flood in Serbia 16-9-14


Please don’t let this happen again! Serbia finally started getting back to normal after the terrible May floods and now it is starting over!

Eastern Serbia was hit very hard today!

Check out some of the links that have been sent my way:

*** Youtube video from RTS 

**** Facebook video showing people looking at the damage

*** Facebook video showing aftermath in one hard-hit area

****Facebook flooding video from Negotin, Serbia
****Facebook video from a village around Negotin

****Newspaper article from Blic Newspaper with a lot of pictures

****Newspaper article from Kladovo- Negotin area. 1 dead many evacuated..
****Newspaper article from Kurir Newspaper.
****Newspaper B92 article about Kladovo

***ABC News in the USA article about Serbian floods

***Romanian newspaper article about Serbian flood

***San Fran newspaper in the USA about flooding

***Australian station Channel 9 reporting on the flooding

*** Al Jazeera reporting on the flooding in Serbia


That is all I have for now! Lets just pray that this rainy weather stops ASAP!  The 7 day forecast shows sun coming!!! THANK GOD!



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Tonight’s the Night! Go Serbia!


The finals of the FIBA tournament start at 9PM tonight! My wish has come true! USA vs. Serbia!! WOW!!! I haven’t been able to sleep thinking about this. I consider myself a proud American, but I will be pulling for Serbia in tonight’s game! I love to see the big dogs fall on their face every now and again.A victory for Serbia would really lift the moral of this great country.

It has been great getting the opportunity to watch the entire tournament from Serbia. We watched the massive Serbian victory over Brazil from a great little kafana in Pancevo. I even had a very mixed bunch of pals with me. We had the famous “Crni Srbi”, a Scottish friend and my Panveco buddy. I may have gone a little overboard before the Brazil game. My Brazilan buddy called me out on it. 🙂 Love you Brazilians


I got to watch the exciting match against France from a little bar in the heart of Munze Konza. The emotion was overwhelming after their victory over France. Horns honking, flags waving, people chanting…. 🙂 We are heading to Kod Srbe tonight to watch this one! They have 100 dinar Zajecarsko to go along with great food.  Come out and join us!

Mike Krzyzewski (head coach of the US team) has nothing but respect for this Serbian team.  He had this to say :

“”I think Serbia is really as good as anybody in the tournament and probably the hottest team. They’re playing at a high level. They have stars on their team. Teodosic is… I loved him when I saw him in the World Championship in 2010. Bogdanovic is a rising star. Their big guys are good, they’re well coached and they’re strong. They can hurt you from many different positions. They’re just playing great basketball right now and actually it’s beautiful to see, I hope I don’t see that beauty tomorrow night.”


You gave the rest of the world a slap in the face! Keep it rolling!!!! Win or lose, you have made so many people very proud. May the best team win! The worst you can possibly be is 2nd in the world. 🙂

Serbia will be having a “Welcome Home” celebration across from the parliament building Monday night! Can’t wait to experience that! Come out and show your pride!


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Hollywood Slaps the Serbian People Again!!!


Here we go again!!! The crazy Serbians are once again out for blood!!!! …….

Ok,ok…..Yes, there were some terrible wars in this part of the world! The majority of those living in the former Yugoslavia all had their share of suffering and loss during the 1990’s. There were thousands of deaths, hyper inflation, bombings, job loss, lack of electricity, sanctions, and many ruined lives. There were evil deeds committed by ALL sides, BUT why in the HECK do we never see a movie that shows someone other than the Serb being a deranged monster?? I have lived over here, off and on, for two years. 95% of the people I meet are kind, hospitable, friendly, and accepting of me regardless of my being born in the USA. They are just trying to enjoy their family, pay their bills and move on with their lives. 

I have had the honor of traveling all over Serbia and to a few places in Republika Srpska and hearing from hundreds of Serbian families that suffered greatly at the hands of the Croatian, Bosnian or  Albanian troops. Thousands of Serbians citizens were ethnically cleansed from Croatia, Bosnia, and Kosovo………..what was their crime??? Being born a Serb!!!! Those that were kicked out were the lucky ones. Thousands of others were slaughtered, brutalized , raped, robbed, and  had their heads cut off or their organs harvested. I am not usually one that likes to get into these types of subjects. I like to talk about the generosity , the hospitality, the food, the drink, the sports, the beauty of this part of the world, but this film needs some return fire! 

The Killing Season…. 



Evil Serb… Emil Kovac…. Is that a Serbian name??? noooo

SHRAPNEL tells the story of two veterans of the Bosnian War, one American, one Serbian, who clash in the remote Rocky Mountain wilderness. FORD is a former American soldier who fought on the front lines in Bosnia. When our story begins, he has retreated to a remote cabin in the woods, trying to escape painful memories of war. The drama begins when KOVAC, a former Serbian soldier, seeks Ford out, hoping to settle an old score. What follows is a cat-and-mouse game in which Ford and Kovac fght their own personal World War III, with battles both physical and psychological. By the end of the flm, old wounds are opened, suppressed memories are drawn to the surface and long-hidden secrets about both Ford and Kovac are revealed.”

This film is due to be released next month. This is one of many Hollywood productions that have been released over the last 10 years that portray the Serb in a bad light. Read my previous blog post to find a listing of others…….

One thing you will notice in Serbia is that the vast majority of Serbian last names end in IC . The character played by John Travola was named Emil Kovac. The name Emil is not a Serbian name either. The least they could have done was give him a regular Serbian name like Dushan, Dragan, Darko, Dejan or Marko. 

Serbian military and political officers have been sent to The Hague to stand trial for war crimes. The majority of them were convicted and many are still there. One of them has been held for 10 years without official charges being filed!!! The Croatian, Bosnian and Albanians that were responsible for many despicable crimes were released , found innocent ,  sentenced to less harsh sentences, or elected president. 🙂


Hashim Tachi… president of Kosovo… has a very shady past.. has links to drug dealing, organized crime and organ harvesting… no charges filed???? hmmmmm

 It is time that Hollywood plays fair!!!!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!! Why are there no movies about Serbian troops and Serbian civilians being cut up and having their organs sold to the highest bidder??? Why are there no movies that show the hundreds of thousands of Serbians that left ALL of their personal belongings, homes, family farms and fled to foreign lands with NOTHING but the clothes on their back to avoid being slaughtered??  This movie is being released a few years after Angelina Jolie made ” The Land of Blood and Honey”. Image That movie was not very kind to the Serbian name either. I will never forget the scenes where the Serbian soldiers shot the old lady in the head for moving too slow and when they threw a crying baby out of the top floor of the building because it was crying. 😦 I know these are works of fiction ,but they can plant a little seed of distrust in us. I am not sitting here kissing Serbian butt nor am saying that ALL Serbians are angels. That is far from the truth. I am just pointing out the blatant bias! 

The only way to find out about Serbia is to travel here!!! I have many foreign friends that ignored the propaganda and came here….. Many have never returned to their native lands and the vast majority of the others return here every few years. The Serbs are a tough bunch of people! They have dealt with so much in the last 100 years. Let them enjoy their lives without being drug through mud every few years! 

Help me spread the positives of this wonderful part of the world. Join me on our new Serbia site……


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Greatest Serbian Leader and Hero

Srpski_Vojnik Feb. 1912 by Stefanovic

I have traveled to almost every corner of this great country. It amazes me to find such differing views in such a small place! Serbians are very open to me about their politics and their personal beliefs. I never judge anyone and usually just sit and listen. I am interested to get an idea of where my friends and followers stand.

Please vote on these two polls. I will study and read up on the winners and provide an interesting blog post about them. The “Serbian Hero” question was left with an option to add your own!

Thank you in advance!!! Please join our new Serbian website…… SAY SERBIA….. We are trying to create a place to bring together Serbians, foreigners that are interested in Serbia, and create a place to find out about EVERYTHING Serbian! Feel free to click on a category and add your input, pictures, opinions, videos, etc.


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Bumping into Serbian Olympic Hero, Milorad Cavic!!!


I received a message from a young lady in Kragujevac, Serbia in late December of last year. She was a member of the student organization, AIESEC. They were holding their annual Youth Leadership Conference and they wanted me to speak to the kids about my time in Serbia.

I headed to Kragujevac, Serbia on a Wednesday afternoon. I had just finished filming a 5 day series in Ruma for the premier of my web series YANKEE DOODLE WENT TO SERBIA! And I was totally exhausted. You guys are going to love this series! I hope we can find some tv stations to work with us. I might need all of your help in spreading the word.

I arrive at the bus station in Kragujevac at 5PM. I never book a hotel in advance. The organization said they would find me a sponsor to host me in their home, but I wanted a private place. I hit up the first hotel that I find. They tell me that I might have trouble finding any vacancies because of some event at the big Fiat factory. The guy tells me to try Hotel Kragujevac. It is the largest building in town and they have many vacancies. I drag all of my stuff to the room and collapse on the bed for a few minutes. The room is tiny!!! I have very little room to move around, but I didn’t think it was bad for 4000 dinars. It had a mini bar, restaurant, room service and free wifi. I finally drag my lazy ass out of bed and head out to explore the former capital city of Serbia.

The hotel is right in the center of the walking district. It is a beautiful area. There are many shops, restaurants, a taxi stand, and within walking distance of many historic things. One of the first things on my agenda is food!! I walk into a place called “RAKIJA BAR”. I decide to have a shot of dunja rakija and a pivo and find out from the waiter where the best place to eat is. He recommends the place across the street. It is the lobby restaurant of the hotel. It has a great Italian menu. I order a Karadjordeva Snicla and some garlic bread. It was amazing!!! It cost 1200 dinars , but was worth every cent.. 🙂

I head mall in Kragujevac. It is a very nice and modern mall. It rivals any of the ones I have been to around Europe. I really needed an electric converter for my laptop. I left my other one in Ruma. I find a computer store and they don’t have what i am looking for , but they give me this thing that might work. I take it back to my hotel and find out it doesn’t work. I am desperate now! I stop a few people in the street and ask about it. They tell me about a little shop called CAR. It is hard to locate and I see a little pizza place. I decide to pop in and see if anyone can help me.

The lady is a beautiful young woman around 20 years old. I ask her if she speaks English. She says that she does and I ask her about the electric shop. There are a few tables full of guys in there and one of them overhears me. He gets up and walks over to me. He is about 6’5 and very muscular. He says ” Are you the American that has been helping Serbian kids?” I tell him that I am. He says ” I respect that . Thank you!” I was a bit surprised at his English ability. I just told him “nema na cemu”. I start talking to the girl again and she said  ” Do you know who that is?” I said ” no, I have no idea.” She said “That is Milorad Cavic, the silver medal Olympian!” OMG!! I about fell over! He heard about me? How awesome is that!? I walk back over and apologize to him. He is sitting with 4 guys that play for the Kragujevac Wild Boars, the American football team. He smiles and said he had watched a few of my videos and appreciated the contribution to Serbian kids. He gives me his card and asks me to go to meet with him the next day. I shake his hand and am on my way. WOW!!! That really gives you a great feeling when a guy that has that much star power has heard of you. I find out where that little electrical shop is located and head over there. I get the piece I need and head back to my hotel room. I could barely fall asleep thinking about the following  day. What do you say? How do you dress? etc….

I get up a little early in the morning and head to the mall. I have to return that little computer thing that didn’t work. They give me ZERO slack and were very friendly. I run back to the room to get ready for the speech at the University of Kragujevac. I get in a cab and head over there. The president of the organization meets me at the entrance and says that the Dean of Economics wants to speak with me. We head to her office and it is beautiful! It is all decked out in decorative wood and a large table. She is very kind and welcoming. She hears my entire story and starts telling me her position and all of her great ideas. I know the school is very lucky to have a woman like her! We finish our conversation and head to the room where I am going to be speaking. There are a large number of kids in the class. They are all very attentive, fun, friendly, and passionate about their duties. I speak for a little over an hour about how great my experiences were in Serbia and how proud they should be for being born a Serb. The kids all thank me at the end of the speech. I head back to my hotel to prepare for my meeting with Mr Cavic. He emailed me that morning and asked me to meet him at his pool office.


The weather was rather crappy, but the kids left me one of their umbrellas! Gotta love Serbian students! I get to the pool and ask for Mr Cavic. They lead me up to his office and usher me inside. He is sitting there with his secretary talking about some things. He gets up with a big smile on his face and thanks for coming. What a great man! I expected him to be very formal and professional, but he was just like me. He had on his shorts and a t-shirt. He takes me out to a little table overlooking the pool. He says he will be right back and to order whatever I want to drink. I choose a coffee. 😛 He returns a few minutes later and starts telling me all about his life. He is one of the most passionate and focused people I have ever encountered. He told me lots of his secrets at staying focused and motivated. He said he still hangs little post it notes all over his house. He said above his bedroom door he has a note that says SMILE! He said that it seems cheesy , but it works. He also told me that he is the only professional swimmer that has had lower back surgery and came back to be so successful. He said it is because he still goes to the pool everyday with a smile and knowing that he loves what he does. He said you should always love what you do!!!! Great advice. He then gets to business. He tells me that he loves how I found this equipment for American football. He said they are constantly looking for this kind of thing in Serbia and that no one has money for this stuff. I tell him about my meeting in the Serbian Palace with the Minister of Youth and Sport, Nenad Borovcanin. Mr Borovcanin wanted me to open a non profit for sports equipment for Serbian kids. He said he could get the Serbian government to partner with me! He thought it was a great idea. He knew that I was having issues with some schools because of liability stuff. It is illegal for a team to resale used equipment because of liability. He said that he had already told his lawyer to draw up a form for me. WOW!!!! This man is on his game!!!! We sit and chit chat for almost 1.5 hours. He finally says that he has to go. He tells me to keep his number and email in case I need anything in the future. 🙂 I head out of the pool with a smile from ear to ear. I just had a long conversation with a silver medal winning swimmer that is known throughout the planet. 🙂 🙂

I can’t stress how much fun and how honored I am at how the Serbian people have treated me! It was all caused by making a short 1 minute video on Youtube. 🙂


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