Tonight’s the Night! Go Serbia!

14 Sep


The finals of the FIBA tournament start at 9PM tonight! My wish has come true! USA vs. Serbia!! WOW!!! I haven’t been able to sleep thinking about this. I consider myself a proud American, but I will be pulling for Serbia in tonight’s game! I love to see the big dogs fall on their face every now and again.A victory for Serbia would really lift the moral of this great country.

It has been great getting the opportunity to watch the entire tournament from Serbia. We watched the massive Serbian victory over Brazil from a great little kafana in Pancevo. I even had a very mixed bunch of pals with me. We had the famous “Crni Srbi”, a Scottish friend and my Panveco buddy. I may have gone a little overboard before the Brazil game. My Brazilan buddy called me out on it. 🙂 Love you Brazilians


I got to watch the exciting match against France from a little bar in the heart of Munze Konza. The emotion was overwhelming after their victory over France. Horns honking, flags waving, people chanting…. 🙂 We are heading to Kod Srbe tonight to watch this one! They have 100 dinar Zajecarsko to go along with great food.  Come out and join us!

Mike Krzyzewski (head coach of the US team) has nothing but respect for this Serbian team.  He had this to say :

“”I think Serbia is really as good as anybody in the tournament and probably the hottest team. They’re playing at a high level. They have stars on their team. Teodosic is… I loved him when I saw him in the World Championship in 2010. Bogdanovic is a rising star. Their big guys are good, they’re well coached and they’re strong. They can hurt you from many different positions. They’re just playing great basketball right now and actually it’s beautiful to see, I hope I don’t see that beauty tomorrow night.”


You gave the rest of the world a slap in the face! Keep it rolling!!!! Win or lose, you have made so many people very proud. May the best team win! The worst you can possibly be is 2nd in the world. 🙂

Serbia will be having a “Welcome Home” celebration across from the parliament building Monday night! Can’t wait to experience that! Come out and show your pride!


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3 responses to “Tonight’s the Night! Go Serbia!

  1. Aleksandra

    September 14, 2014 at 4:36 pm

    Just a little note: please remember we’re not a very racist people, even if we might come off like that tonight. We’re just nervous.

    Here’s hoping you’ll have a great time, and that we’ll win!

    Also: what’s “Crbi Srbi”?


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