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Video Game Maker Obsessed with Serbs


The new Grand Theft Auto game, GTA V, has a scene showing a homeless man with a sign that reads “Serbian bad guys stole all of my money. PLEASE HELP”  ( Picture above)

This is a video company that released its first version of this hit video game back in 1997.  Each game in this series allows players to take on the role of a criminal or a wannabe in the big city, typically an individual who plans to rise through the ranks of organised crime  through the course of the game. The player is given various missions by kingpins and major idols in the city underworld which must be completed to progress through the storyline. Assassinations and other violent crimes are featured regularly. Occasionally taxi driving, firefighting, street racing, bus driving, or learning to fly helicopters and aircraft are also involved.


The lead character is named Niko Bellic. There has been some debate as to his nationality, but there is a lot of speculation that he is Serbian. You can read that for yourself on WIKI. One of the executive producers just made this statement when asked about Niko’s nationality  “from that grey part of broken-down Eastern Europe”. That pretty much sums it up. They have Niko speaking Serbian in a few different segments.

You Serbs sure get a lot of flack in the media, Hollywood and in video games. Just smile and enjoy the attention they are giving you. Jebiga! 🙂

 UPDATE: A Serbian buddy from Milwaukee, Wisconsin recorded this video of some “Serbian revenge” on this character. 🙂


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Another Movie that Portrays Serbs as Gangsters

Youtube is a great source of free movies. Every night before I fall asleep, I throw on some movie to watch because it helps me fall asleep. I was just randomly scrolling through some free movies and found one that looked interesting.


The name of the film I landed on was ” A Lonely Place to Die“. It was released in 2011 with a budget of $4 million dollars. I had no clue that it had anything to do with Serbs until I got 1/4 of the way through the film. The movie is about a group of 5 friends that are out on a mountain climbing excursion in the Scottish highlands.  They are in a very remote portion of the mountains that is miles and miles from the nearest village.

One of the climbers happens to hear a strange noise coming from a pipe sticking out of the ground. They dig it up to find a young girl that was enclosed in a little box. They try to find out about her, but she speaks no English.

One of the climbers says that he thinks the language is Croatian. That perked my ears up. I don’t want to give away the rest of the film, but once you watch it you will hear some references to Serbians being war criminals and the ending introduces you to her father who is a wealthy Serbian war criminal.


This can be added to the long list of films that like to portray the Serbians in a negative light. The movie was rated at 6.3 out 10 by IMDB and I found it very entertaining and suspenseful. Watch it for yourself and leave your comments.  Click here for the free version.

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Another Massive Flood in Serbia 16-9-14


Please don’t let this happen again! Serbia finally started getting back to normal after the terrible May floods and now it is starting over!

Eastern Serbia was hit very hard today!

Check out some of the links that have been sent my way:

*** Youtube video from RTS 

**** Facebook video showing people looking at the damage

*** Facebook video showing aftermath in one hard-hit area

****Facebook flooding video from Negotin, Serbia
****Facebook video from a village around Negotin

****Newspaper article from Blic Newspaper with a lot of pictures

****Newspaper article from Kladovo- Negotin area. 1 dead many evacuated..
****Newspaper article from Kurir Newspaper.
****Newspaper B92 article about Kladovo

***ABC News in the USA article about Serbian floods

***Romanian newspaper article about Serbian flood

***San Fran newspaper in the USA about flooding

***Australian station Channel 9 reporting on the flooding

*** Al Jazeera reporting on the flooding in Serbia


That is all I have for now! Lets just pray that this rainy weather stops ASAP!  The 7 day forecast shows sun coming!!! THANK GOD!



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Hollywood Slaps the Serbian People Again!!!


Here we go again!!! The crazy Serbians are once again out for blood!!!! …….

Ok,ok…..Yes, there were some terrible wars in this part of the world! The majority of those living in the former Yugoslavia all had their share of suffering and loss during the 1990’s. There were thousands of deaths, hyper inflation, bombings, job loss, lack of electricity, sanctions, and many ruined lives. There were evil deeds committed by ALL sides, BUT why in the HECK do we never see a movie that shows someone other than the Serb being a deranged monster?? I have lived over here, off and on, for two years. 95% of the people I meet are kind, hospitable, friendly, and accepting of me regardless of my being born in the USA. They are just trying to enjoy their family, pay their bills and move on with their lives. 

I have had the honor of traveling all over Serbia and to a few places in Republika Srpska and hearing from hundreds of Serbian families that suffered greatly at the hands of the Croatian, Bosnian or  Albanian troops. Thousands of Serbians citizens were ethnically cleansed from Croatia, Bosnia, and Kosovo………..what was their crime??? Being born a Serb!!!! Those that were kicked out were the lucky ones. Thousands of others were slaughtered, brutalized , raped, robbed, and  had their heads cut off or their organs harvested. I am not usually one that likes to get into these types of subjects. I like to talk about the generosity , the hospitality, the food, the drink, the sports, the beauty of this part of the world, but this film needs some return fire! 

The Killing Season…. 



Evil Serb… Emil Kovac…. Is that a Serbian name??? noooo

SHRAPNEL tells the story of two veterans of the Bosnian War, one American, one Serbian, who clash in the remote Rocky Mountain wilderness. FORD is a former American soldier who fought on the front lines in Bosnia. When our story begins, he has retreated to a remote cabin in the woods, trying to escape painful memories of war. The drama begins when KOVAC, a former Serbian soldier, seeks Ford out, hoping to settle an old score. What follows is a cat-and-mouse game in which Ford and Kovac fght their own personal World War III, with battles both physical and psychological. By the end of the flm, old wounds are opened, suppressed memories are drawn to the surface and long-hidden secrets about both Ford and Kovac are revealed.”

This film is due to be released next month. This is one of many Hollywood productions that have been released over the last 10 years that portray the Serb in a bad light. Read my previous blog post to find a listing of others…….

One thing you will notice in Serbia is that the vast majority of Serbian last names end in IC . The character played by John Travola was named Emil Kovac. The name Emil is not a Serbian name either. The least they could have done was give him a regular Serbian name like Dushan, Dragan, Darko, Dejan or Marko. 

Serbian military and political officers have been sent to The Hague to stand trial for war crimes. The majority of them were convicted and many are still there. One of them has been held for 10 years without official charges being filed!!! The Croatian, Bosnian and Albanians that were responsible for many despicable crimes were released , found innocent ,  sentenced to less harsh sentences, or elected president. 🙂


Hashim Tachi… president of Kosovo… has a very shady past.. has links to drug dealing, organized crime and organ harvesting… no charges filed???? hmmmmm

 It is time that Hollywood plays fair!!!!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!! Why are there no movies about Serbian troops and Serbian civilians being cut up and having their organs sold to the highest bidder??? Why are there no movies that show the hundreds of thousands of Serbians that left ALL of their personal belongings, homes, family farms and fled to foreign lands with NOTHING but the clothes on their back to avoid being slaughtered??  This movie is being released a few years after Angelina Jolie made ” The Land of Blood and Honey”. Image That movie was not very kind to the Serbian name either. I will never forget the scenes where the Serbian soldiers shot the old lady in the head for moving too slow and when they threw a crying baby out of the top floor of the building because it was crying. 😦 I know these are works of fiction ,but they can plant a little seed of distrust in us. I am not sitting here kissing Serbian butt nor am saying that ALL Serbians are angels. That is far from the truth. I am just pointing out the blatant bias! 

The only way to find out about Serbia is to travel here!!! I have many foreign friends that ignored the propaganda and came here….. Many have never returned to their native lands and the vast majority of the others return here every few years. The Serbs are a tough bunch of people! They have dealt with so much in the last 100 years. Let them enjoy their lives without being drug through mud every few years! 

Help me spread the positives of this wonderful part of the world. Join me on our new Serbia site……


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An American’s View on The Balkan Wars and Serbia

images (2)

I just received a wonderful message from a fellow American. He sent me a message last week offering to assist me with the production side of my web series…… “Yankee Doodle Went to Serbia”!  He has assisted  Boris Malagurski and a few other high profile people in the film industry. I am honored to have been given this opportunity to work with such an experienced person!

images (3)

My countrymen are very divided on their support of foreign intervention. Ron Paul, a Republican, was the most outspoken opponent of Operation Merciful Angel in 1999. He drummed up a lot support from both Republicans and Democrats in the last election cycle. I am not a supporter, but totally agree with his views on our foreign policy!  I can’t say that I am always against military intervention, but I think we should rely on the United Nations for that. Just my opinion…

This gentleman wrote me this response to my question “WHY ARE YOU SO PASSIONATE ABOUT HELPING SERBIA?” Hope you enjoy his thoughts on your country, people, and our involvement in your affairs :

“Hey Charles, it’s good to hear from you, man.

It’s kind of hard to explain how I feel about Serbia, or exactly why…but I’ll try. First, like most Americans, I really didn’t know much at all about Serbia before the wars in the 1990s, only what  I was told by the media – which was 99% bullshit propaganda, as all we know now. But that got me interested in what the hell was going on and why we were even involved at all, and why NATO was attacking these people in their own nation, who had not threatened any NATO member nation (which is against all international laws, and even the NATO charter, etc.). Just prior to the war in Bosnia, I worked in aerospace electronics for about 10 years, so I knew quite a bit about our military and weapons systems that we worked on – especially the Air Force, of which I also knew many people directly, from pilots to many other tech jobs.

So, with the first Gulf War in Iraq, I sort of understood the thing, and terrible as it was for the innocent people, Saddam was an aggressor and it felt like we were doing the right thing, more or less. With Yugoslavia and Serbia, in particular, I had a very bad feeling and I just KNEW what we were doing was wrong, very wrong. So, I started doing a lot of research and the more I looked past the blind one-sided mass media b.s., the more I found that showed me my suspicions were correct. Without rehashing the entire thing, which is very complicated, the US and pretty much all western so-called democracies lied about everything and made Serbia out not only to be the “bad guys”, but the ONLY bad guys – and nothing could be further from the truth. The were war crimes and evil deeds on all sides, and as I said last time, including NATO, which are actually among the worst war crimes of the entire nightmare…and innocent Serbian people were given zero understanding or sympathy from the media, even NOW – which tells me all the more that this whole thing was a tremendous lie and crime against humanity.

Anyway, I did a lot of research (for years, actually) back then and began writing a book (not published yet, but maybe I will one day), and nearly everything I found basically validated the Serbian point of view in most cases – or at least it was clear that they were not alone in doing evil deeds (which were almost always exaggerated if not completely fabricated by the media, NATO, US and other govts, etc – sad but true). The Bosnian and Albanian muslims and Croatian forces, with American supplied weapons committed most of the worst atrocities in the entire war, like “Operation Storm” in Krajina by Croatian and NATO forces (the biggest ethnic cleansing event in the entire war, more than 200,000 innocent Serbian people were either murdered or forced from their homelands where they had lived for centuries – the media didn’t said barely a word about it, since the victims were Serbians). I’m sure you also know about the KLA, which was on the US State dept list as a terrorist organization along with Osama bin Laden until they suddenly became “friends”) actually became the leaders of the official Kosovo govt after the war – and they continue to murder and violate the human rights of Serbian people in their own lands even to this day, without even a word of protest from anyone in the UN or any US President (of either party).

It’s really the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my lifetime, and it’s one that really makes me ashamed to be American…although it’s not like I had anything to do with it, personally, but I’m sure you know what I mean. I mean we know there is a lot of injustice in this world, but something on this scale and to have our own govt and many others, and the entire international mass media just be completely biased against Serbia, and still not say even one word about the many crimes against innocent Serbian people in Kosovo – wow, that really tells you something is very wrong with this whole picture. Like the old expression, “The silence is deafening”.

In any case, it’s fair to say that I’ve learned a lot about Serbian and Balkan history, probably more than most people, and definitely more than 99% of American people. So, in the years after the wars, I’ve met and known several people from Serbia and like you, I was just really blwn away by what kind and good people they are. I don’t know if they ALL are, but every single one that I’ve met is very cool and SUPER intelligent. I’m a little on the brainy side myself, for an American that is, and I am always amazed by how smart these people are! Their education system must be awesome – but I think there also has to be something genetic there as well, because…well, these people are VERY intelligent, and also just humble and very cool in my experience. And I’m sure you know better than I do that there is no doubt that Serbian women are probably the most beautiful in the entire world…at least in my opinion.   🙂

Such a wonderful culture, too, and I don’t know man…you probably know this feeling too, but just everything – the food, music, culture, their sense of humor, pretty much everything about them and the amazing beauty of the place impresses me. I can’t totally explain it other than to say that to me there is something very special about Serbia and its people that “strikes a chord” with me, to put it in musical terms.  😉  It’s just something that I feel and know inside and it’s very interesting and cool to see another person like you experiencing similar things – and even moreso because you’ve been actually living there. Of course, we know that deep down all people are just people no matter where we are or come from…but there is definitely something very unique and cool about Serbia.

So, I hope that gives you some idea of where I’m coming from, and I think it’s great what you’re doing to help with sports equipment there and all that stuff. Very cool, indeed, and I hope that continues to be successful and grow so that you will be able to help more and more people that, unfortunately, not many people in this world are willing to do much of anything to help. They are good and caring people, more than most I’ve met in this world, and they deserve to have other good, caring people help them however we can – not because they are weak or stupid, but on the contrary they are generally stronger and much smarter than us!! It’s just the right thing to do, regardless of the stupidity and corruption in both our govts – if we can help regular decent people have better lives and make some good friendships along the way – everybody wins!

Anyway, take care and I’ll talk to you soon.   ;)”

Srbija kroz oči Amerikanca

Američko viđenje Srbije i ratova na Balkanu

Prošlog meseca primio sam fantastično pismo od jednog mog zemljaka Amerikanca.
Poslao mi je poruku u kojoj se ponudio da učestvuje u produkciji moje web
serije „Yenkee Doodle went to Serbia!“.
Bio je asistent Borisu Malagurskom i nekolicini velikih profesiolaca filmske industrije.
Izuzetno sam počastvovan što mi je pružena prilika da sarađujem sa tako iskusnim

Moji zemljaci vrlo su podeljeni kada je u pitanju podrška vojnih intervencija u stranim
Ron Pol (Ron Paul), republikanac, bio je najveći protivnik operacije „Milosrdni Anđeo“
1999 godine. Osvojio je veliku podršku kako republikanaca, tako i demokrata, u
poslednjem izbornom krugu.
Ja lično nisam njegov pristalica ali se u potpunosti slažem sa njegovim stavom po pitanju
naše spoljne politike. Ne mogu da kažem da sam uvek protiv vojne intervencije ali
smatram da u bi u takvim situacijama tebalo da se oslonimo na Ujedinjene nacije.
To je ipak samo moje mišljenje..

Ovaj isti gospodin, odgovorio je na pitanje koje sam mu postvio: „ZAŠTO TAKO
STRASTVENO ŽELITE DA POMOGNETE SRBIJI?“ – Nadam se da ćete uživati u
njegovom stavu o vašoj zemlji, narodu i našoj umešanosti u vašu politiku:

„Hej Čarls, dobro je što te čujem čoveče.
Teško je objasniti kako se osećam po pitanju Srbije, kao i zašto se tako osećam.. ali
pokušaću. Prvo, kao i većina Amerikanaca, pre ratova ’90, ni ja nisam znao mnogo toga
o Srbiji, osim onoga što sam imao priliku da saznam iz medija – a 99%su bile laži i
izmišljotine, kao što svi znamo.
Upravo to me je nateralo da se zainteresujem šta se dođavola tamo dešava, zašto smo mi
uopšte upleteni u to i zašto NATO napada ove ljude, u njihovoj zemlji, zemlji koja nije
članica NATO-a i ne predstvlja nikakvu pretnju ni za jednu od zemalja članica NATO-a
(a što je protivno svim međunarodnim zakonima, NATO povelji itd.)?
Neposredno pre rata u Bosni radio sam u avio-elektronici oko 10 godina tako da
sam bio prilično upućen u naš vojni oružani sistem koji smo razvijali – posebno u
vazduhoplovstvu, gde sam lično poznavao mnogo ljudi počev od pilota do onih koji su
radili na izvršnim mestima.

Kod prvog Zalivskog rata u Iraku ukapirao sam da, bez obzira koliko je to bilo strašno
za nevine ljude, Sadam je bio agresor a mi smo, čini se, radili pravu stvar. Manje ili
više. Kod Jugoslavije, posebno kod Srbije, imao sam veoma loš osećaj i jednostavno sam
ZNAO da je ono što radimo loše, veoma loše.

Počeo sam dosta da istražujem i što sam više istraživao i gledao spram jednostranog,
izmišjenog, mišljenja masovnih medija, sve više sam pronalazio dokaza da su moje
sumnje osnovane.
Bez ponovnog razmatranja cele stvari, koja je sama po sebi komplikovana, SAD i sve
ostale zapadne, takozvane demokratske zemlje, lagale su o svemu i napravile Srbiju ne
samo „negativcem“ nego JEDINIM „negativcem“ – a ništa ne može biti dalje od istine od
te tvrdnje.
Ratnih zločina i zločinačkih dela bilo je na svim stranama, kao što sam prošlog puta
rekao uključujući i NATO, koji je možda počinio i najgore zločine u celom tom
košmaru… Nevini srpski narod nije dobio nimalo razumevanja i medijske pažnje, čak NI
SADA je ne dobija – što mi još jasnije govori da je cela ova stvar bila velika laž i zločin
protiv čovečnosti.
U svakom slučaju, mnogo sam istraživao tada (dugo godina, tačnije) i počeo sam da
pišem knjigu (još uvek neobjavljenu, ali verujem da ću je jednoga dana objaviti) i gotovo
sve što sam otkrio u svojim istraživanjima potvrđuje srpsku stranu gledišta – ili bar u
krajnjem slučaju jasno potvrđuje da oni nisu sami učestvovali u zločinima koji im se
pripisuju (a koji su gotovo uvek preterano prikazani ili u potpunosti izmišljeni od strane
medija, NATO, SAD, i drugih zvaničnika – tužno ali istinito).
Bosanski i albanski muslimani i hrvatske snage, snabdeveni američkim oružjem počinili
su većinu najgorih zločina u čitavom ratu, kao što su operacija „Oluja“ u Krajini
počinjena od strane hrvatskih i NATO snaga (najveće etničko čišćenje tokom čitavog
rata, gotovo 200.000 Srba je ubijeno ili proterano sa viševekovnih ognjišta – mediji nisu
progovorili ništa o tom stradanju s’ obzirom da su žrtve bili Srbi.).
Siguran sam da znaš za OVK (UČK), koji je bio na listi američkog State Deprtment-
a kao teroristička organizacija zajedno sa Osama Bin Ladenom sve dok naprasno
nisu postali „prijatelji“, tj. lideri zvanične Kosovske vlade nakon rata – a koji i danas
nastavljaju sa ubijanjem i kršenjem ljudskih prava srpskog naroda unutar njegove
sopstvene zemlje bez reči protesta bilo kog zvaničnika UN ili predsednika SAD ili bilo
koje političke partije u SAD.
To je zvanično najodvratinja stvar koju sam video u svom životu i stvar koja me
definitivno čini da se osećam posremljeno što sam Amerikanac.. iako nemam nikakve
veze sa tim lično, ali znaš na šta mislim. Mislim.. znamo da ima mnogo nepravde na
ovom svetu, ali zamisli vagu u kojoj su naša vlada i mnoge druge, kao i kompletni
internacionalni masovni medjiji potpuno okrenuti protiv Srbije, a istovremeno sa druge
strane nema nijedne jedine reči o mnogim počinjenim zločinima protiv nevinog srpskog
naroda na Kosovu, reći ćeš – Wow.. nešto ozbiljno nije u redu sa ovom slikom.
Prosto zvuči kao stara izreka: „Tišina je zaglušujuća“.
U svakom slučaju, tačno je da sam naučio mnogo o istoriji Srbije i Balkana, verovatno
više nego većina ljudi, i definitivno više nego 99% Amerikanaca. U godinama nakon
ratova, upoznao sam nekolicinu ljudi iz Srbije, i isto kao i ti, bio potpuno raznesen
saznanjem koliko su dragi i dobri ljudi. Ne znam da li su oni SVI takvi ali svaki koga sam
ja upoznao veoma je cool i SUPER inteligentan. Ja inače više naginjem toj intelektualnoj
strani, za jednog Amerikanca, i svaki put sam iznenađen koliko su ovi ljudi pametni!
Predpostavljam da je njihov obrazovni sistem zaista zadivljujuć – ali takođe verujem da
je i nešto genetski jer.. pa.. ovi ljudi su VEOMA inteligentni, a ipak veoma skromni i
veoma cool, prema mom iskustvu. I… verujem da to bolje znaš od mene, nema sumnje

da su srpske žene verovatno najlepše žene sveta … bar prema mom mišljenju. J
Takođe, tako divna kultura, i ne znam čoveče.. ali verovatno i ti imaš isti osećaj, prosto
sve – hrana, muzika, kultura, njihov smisao za humor, skoro sve u vezi sa njima i
njihovim neverovatnim prirodnim lepotama me fascinira.
Ne umem u potpunosti da objasnim, osim jednostavno da kažem da postoji nešto
veoma specijalno u vezi Srbije i njenih ljudi, što me prosto „udari u žicu“, da se izrazim
muzičkim žargonom. J
To je nešto što znam i osećam u sebi i veoma je interesantno i cool videti drugu osobu,
osobu kao što si ti, da doživljava slične stvari – ako ne i više jer ti zaista i živiš tamo.
Naravno, svi mi duboko u sebi znamo da su ljudi samo ljudi bez obzira ko su i odakle su
došli … ali definitivno postoji nešto jedinstveno i cool u vezi sa Srbijom.

Tako da, nadam se, sada imas neku ideju o tome odakle sam. Zaista mislim da je
fantastično sve što činiš kako bi pomogao u nabavci sportske opreme kao i sve ostale
stvari koje tamo činiš. Veoma cool zaista, i nadam se da će se to nastaviti i uspešno rasti
kako bi bio u mogućnosti da pomogneš što većem broju ljudi, koje, na žalost, svet ne želi
da pomogne.
Oni su dobri i brižni ljudi, više nego mnogi koje sam upoznao na ovom svetu i zaslužuju
da im dobri i brižni ljudi pomognu, koliko mogu – ne zato što su slabi ili glupi, nego baš
zato što su generalno bolji i pametniji od nas!
To je jednostavno najispravnija stvar koju možeš da uradiš, bezobzira na glupost i
korupciju naše vlade – ako možemo da pomognemo običnim, poštenim ljudima da imaju
pristojne živote i usput stvorimo brojna prijateljstva – svi dobijaju!

U svakom slučaju, čuvaj se i čujemo se uskoro.“


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