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The World Media’s Assault on Serbia



We’ve all heard about the crimes that Serb troops committed in Bosnia, Croatia and in Kosovo I Metohija. I’m sure some of the acts we heard and read about in the western media were true, while many of them were intentionally fabricated. Don’t get me wrong, any crime committed is a horrible thing and should be investigated and the perpetrators brought to justice, but be fair!


One example of media fabrication  would be the claim that Serbs were setting up concentration camps in Bosnia and starving the victims. This  American gentleman explains the photo in detail in this short Youtube clip.


What about the Croats cleansing hundreds of thousands of Serbs from their birthplace? Why didn’t my media bombard me with newspaper headlines and news stories about that?


Serbs Being Forced out of Croatia

The Serbs have been tried and convicted for war crimes in the Hague at an alarming rate. Did former Croat general Ante Gotovina and ex-special police chief Mladen Markac receive just punishment for the atrocities committed against ethnic Serbs during Operation Storm in 1995? Nope…..


Albanian ripping cross off of a Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo

What about the Albanians destroying hundreds of homes and over 100+ churches? Did any of that make the headlines in my country? Nope….. They were friends of the US and NATO and we were about to make a lot of money off of their new “country”. Bill Clinton couldn’t allow Americans to see pics and video of our “friend” and “ally” ripping crosses off of churches. The people might have started asking a few more questions if they had.

The media doesn’t want to talk about that stuff, but they never take a break from finding things that could make the Serbs look bad.


Take the Serb football fans who chanted derogatory things at that Brazilian football player for instance, that made headlines in every corner of the globe.  It’s sad and uncalled for, but you can’t judge an entire nation by the words of a few football fans! If we judged every nation’s citizens by the acts of football fans, you’d probably think the world was filled with demons.

Serbia shouldn’t be labeled as a country of “racists”. It’s just not true. The U.S. and England aren’t ones that should be pointing fingers and calling anyone racist. If I remember correctly, both of them took part in the slave trade. Slavery wasn’t outlawed in the United States until 1863. Hell, Blacks couldn’t even vote until the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  Did Serbia ever have slaves? No!

I’m not black so it makes little sense for me to sit here and tell you that Serbia isn’t a racist country. You should listen to some of my friends who are:


Sheriff is a young man from Liberia who has been living in Norway for a number of years. I was able to sit down with him and ask him some questions about Serbia and if he had any issue with racism.


Arthur is another good friend of mine. He’s an American from the great state of New Jersey. He just completed his 6 trip to Serbia and will be back in May for his 7th. Has he experienced any racism? Listen to him and find out.



Dara is a lovely gal who lives in Ireland. She contacted me before her first visit with some concerns about being black in Serbia. She took the leap and loved every second of it! Here is my interview with her.

12936611_10105593675346795_5534105201918857505_nHeather is a beautiful young lady from the state of Louisiana. She has spent the last few summers in Serbia and has never had any negative situations. She said that Serbian people sometimes stare at her, but it’s a stare of curiosity, not a stare of contempt like happens in some places in the US.

There are more folks, but I didn’t get their permission to write about them. One is an African American gal who married a Serbian in a small village here in Vojvodina. She lives with her children and Serbian husband in a tiny village and has no issues with racism. There are tons of African American football players who come here each year and have nothing but great things to say about the hospitality and kindness of the Serbian people.

I’ve been living in this country for close to 6 years now and the media bias is so blatantly obvious. I’m always asking my Serbian friends how they can keep their cool and not let that get to them. It would be hard to have the whole world accusing you and vilifying you all the time. One of my friends said it best “We have gotten used to it. F*** the rest of the world. We have good looking women, good food, and great nightlife. We don’t need their approval”

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Video Game Maker Obsessed with Serbs


The new Grand Theft Auto game, GTA V, has a scene showing a homeless man with a sign that reads “Serbian bad guys stole all of my money. PLEASE HELP”  ( Picture above)

This is a video company that released its first version of this hit video game back in 1997.  Each game in this series allows players to take on the role of a criminal or a wannabe in the big city, typically an individual who plans to rise through the ranks of organised crime  through the course of the game. The player is given various missions by kingpins and major idols in the city underworld which must be completed to progress through the storyline. Assassinations and other violent crimes are featured regularly. Occasionally taxi driving, firefighting, street racing, bus driving, or learning to fly helicopters and aircraft are also involved.


The lead character is named Niko Bellic. There has been some debate as to his nationality, but there is a lot of speculation that he is Serbian. You can read that for yourself on WIKI. One of the executive producers just made this statement when asked about Niko’s nationality  “from that grey part of broken-down Eastern Europe”. That pretty much sums it up. They have Niko speaking Serbian in a few different segments.

You Serbs sure get a lot of flack in the media, Hollywood and in video games. Just smile and enjoy the attention they are giving you. Jebiga! 🙂

 UPDATE: A Serbian buddy from Milwaukee, Wisconsin recorded this video of some “Serbian revenge” on this character. 🙂


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Another Movie that Portrays Serbs as Gangsters

Youtube is a great source of free movies. Every night before I fall asleep, I throw on some movie to watch because it helps me fall asleep. I was just randomly scrolling through some free movies and found one that looked interesting.


The name of the film I landed on was ” A Lonely Place to Die“. It was released in 2011 with a budget of $4 million dollars. I had no clue that it had anything to do with Serbs until I got 1/4 of the way through the film. The movie is about a group of 5 friends that are out on a mountain climbing excursion in the Scottish highlands.  They are in a very remote portion of the mountains that is miles and miles from the nearest village.

One of the climbers happens to hear a strange noise coming from a pipe sticking out of the ground. They dig it up to find a young girl that was enclosed in a little box. They try to find out about her, but she speaks no English.

One of the climbers says that he thinks the language is Croatian. That perked my ears up. I don’t want to give away the rest of the film, but once you watch it you will hear some references to Serbians being war criminals and the ending introduces you to her father who is a wealthy Serbian war criminal.


This can be added to the long list of films that like to portray the Serbians in a negative light. The movie was rated at 6.3 out 10 by IMDB and I found it very entertaining and suspenseful. Watch it for yourself and leave your comments.  Click here for the free version.

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American Soldier P.O.W Thanks Serbs

I have never served in the military, but I have respect for anyone that does that thankless job. The troops are taking orders and doing a job that they have taken an oath to do. That is the same with every nation. There are some bad apples in every bunch, but that can be said for any group of people.

We all know what happened in 1999……Serbia was bombed by N.A.T.O for 3 months. They destroyed the majority of bridges in the country, destroyed  powerplants, oil refineries, and killed hundreds people. 😦 I will never understand why we intervened in this dispute! Serbia was defending its own territory!!! They were not invading some innocent neighbor  or trying to create a “Greater Serbia” they were just trying to hang on to their dwindling land mass!!! You all know that I am a big Liberal Democrat, but check out what Republican Ron Paul had to say about our involvement in this conflict I AM NOT GOING TO GO DEEPER IN THIS! I just think we were totally wrong! It seems that we have spit on an old ally. The Serbians were responsible for saving over 500 American troops from the Germans in WWII. Check out what the veterens had to say about Serbians and this is how we repay them?

Three American soldiers were captured by Serbian troops on April 1, 1999, a few miles from Skopje, Macedonia. One of the soldiers being a 25-year-old from Michigan named Chris Stone. Chris was married and had a young daughter at home. I am sure the world was thinking ” OH MY GOD!!! SERBIANS ARE GOING TO TORTURE AND MURDER THESE HOSTAGES!” Vice President of Serbia , Vuk Draskovic, stated ” Nothing will happen to them, we respect the enemy. However, they will face Serbian justice.”

What happened to them?  Did the Serbian guards beat, torture and harvest their organs??? Lets find out………………………………………….


Mr Stone and the other two hostages were released on May 4th, 1999 after Rev. Jesse Jackson flew to Belgrade to meet with Serbian leadership. Here is a note that Mr Stone sent to the Serbian guards that were responsible for guarding him after he returned to the United States:


It looks like the “BARBARIC” Serbians treated their enemy with the utmost respect! It isn’t everyday that you find a P.O.W sending his guards a nice “thank you”. Lets ask John McCain if he sent the Viet Cong a message like this after he sat in a cell and was tortured for years. Why does the media continue to defile the name the of the Serbian people??? Governments have NO FRIENDS…. THEY ONLY HAVE INTERESTS!!! 😦

Serbian leader, Slobodan Milosevic, Rev. Jesse Jackson and former Illinois Gov, Rod Blagojevic in Belgrade

Serbian leader, Slobodan Milosevic, Rev. Jesse Jackson and former Illinois Gov, Rod Blagojevic in Belgrade

Please join our new Serbia website! Learn all about Serbian history, culture, food, music, sports, language, and meet Serbians from all over the world! Find out why I fell in love with this little country in the middle of the The Balkans.


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Outrage in Presevo, Serbia?


It is great to be in contact with so many Serbians. I get the inside scoop on most things that are going on over there. They haven’t mentioned this situation in my local newspapers or the television newscasts in my part of the country so I really appreciate the info. I also read The Balkan Daily a lot. 🙂 It is a Serbian news site that is written in English. 🙂

I usually avoid topics like this. It isn’t that I don’t care about sensitive subjects … I just feel it isn’t appropriate or necessary for me to throw in my two cents. This situation is one that I felt I couldn’t ignore.

What happened???

Serbian authorities on Sunday removed a memorial placed at the town’s center without a permit – and to honor members of the so-called Liberation Army of Preševo, Bujanovac and Medveđa.


This incident in Presevo blows me away. I can’t believe it took this long to destroy this monument. YOU CAN’T ERECT A MONUMENT OF A TERRORIST/INSURGENT ORGANIZATION THAT IS TRYING TO UNDERMINE AND DESTROY THE LEADERSHIP OF YOUR COUNTRY!!   This didn’t happen within the disputed province of  Kosovo, It happened in South Serbia!!!  What nation would allow something like this to happen? NONE! If  Taliban supporters wanted to erect a monument in support of that organization within the USA… PEOPLE WOULD SNAP!!!! I applaud Serbian leadership for this move.

Some are saying that the Serbs are being disrespectful and ridiculous for ripping down this monument in THEIR own country???? GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Look at the reaction from those that disagree with this move! They are destroying Serbian gravestones, damaging monuments that were put in place to honor INNOCENT men, women and children that perished during the Kosovo War…. not to mention the numerous ANCIENT Serbian Orthodox Churches  that were defiled or destroyed all over Kosovo  the past few years. Serbian-church-destroyed-by-Albanian-MuslimsTHIS IS SOMETHING THAT MUST BE STOPPED!! Why doesn’t the world come down hard on the guilty party?? I will never understand the double standards that exist!  Check out my video for more

l hope that a peaceful solution can be had!

.Uvreda u Preševu, Srbiji?

Sjajno je biti u kontaktu sa toliko Srba. Tim putem imam mogućnost da malo dublje
zavirim većinu unutrašnjih dešavanja tamo. Ovu konkretnu situaciju nisu pominjali
u vestima lokalnih novina i televizija u mom u mojoj državi, tako da zaista cenim
svaku informaciju. Takođe, redovno čitam Balkan Daily. To je srpski informativni sajt,
napisan na engleskom. J

Obično izbegavam ovakve teme.. Nije da me oseljive teme ne interesuju.. smatram samo
da nije potrebno na to trošiti vreme. Ova situacija je ipak nešto što osećam da ne mogu da

Šta se desilo?????

U nedelju, srpske vlasti su uklonile memorijalni spomenik, postavljen u centru grada, bez
dozvole, a kao izraz poštovanja i zahvalnosti članovima takozvane Oslobodilačke vojske
Medveđe, Bujanovca i Preševa.

Ovaj incident u Preševu me je raspametio. Ne mogu da verujem da je bilo potrebno
toliko dugo da se uništi taj spomenik. NE MOŽEŠ DA PODIŽEŠ SPOMENIK
UNIŠTAVA RUKOVODSTVO TVOJE ZEMLJE!!! Ovo se nije dogodilo u okviru
sporne pokrajine Kosovo, dogodilo se u Južnoj Srbiji!!! Koja nacija/država bi dozvolila
da se tako nešto njoj desi? NIJEDNA! Kada bi talibanske pristalice žele da podignu
spomenik u znak podrške te organizacije, na teritoriji SAD… LJUDI BI POLUDELI!!!
Čestitam srpskom rukovodstvu na ovom potezu.

Neki kažu da su Srbi pokazali nepoštovanje, ispali neučtivi i smešni zbog rušenja ovog
spomenika, u NJIHOVOJ rođenoj zemlji??? DAJTE BRE!!! Pogledajte samo reakcije
onih koji se ne slažu sa ovim potezom! Ti isti uništavaju srpske GROBNE spomenike,
spomnike koji su postavljani kao izraz poštovanja NEVINIH ljudi, žena i dece, koji su
nestali tokom rata na Kosovu… da ne pominjem DREVNE srpske pravoslavne crkve koje
su o skrnavljene ili uništene po celom Kosovu u poslednjih par godina samo.

OVO SE MORA ZAUSTAVITI!!! Zašto se u ovom slučaju svet nemilosrdno ne obruši
na krivce??? Nikada neću razumeti ove dvostruke standarde! Za više informacija,
pogledajte moj video –

Nadam se da se mirno rešenje ipak može postići!


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