Albright Saw $$$$$ In Kosovo, not Injustice!

20 Jun


government lying to you

I have lost all credibility that I had in Madeline Albright!!!!  You always want to believe that your country ONLY does what is MORALLY right! Every time I dig a little deeper in one of our “humanitarian missions” I find myself feeling foolish for ever believing that!!!!! .


Madeline Albright or Madeline Korbel, as she was known at birth,  was the first woman Secretary of State. She was appointed by President Bill Clinton in 1996. She was the driving force behind our involvement in the dispute between Serbia and their southern region, Kosovo. It was nicknamed ” Albright’s War” by the insiders at the State Department.  This lead to a three month bombing campaign all over Serbia. N.A.T.O bombed the majority of the bridges in the country, the electrical stations, factories, military facilities, and some other buildings. A few hospitals were also hit along with the “accidental” bombing of the Chinese Embassy. You can learn more about her and about how the Serbs saved her during her childhood at

I have mentioned that I felt our involvement was justified when I first visited Serbia in May of 2010. My views have changed 100%. I was told by the media that we were here on humanitarian grounds because the “brutal Serbs” were killing and forcing Albanians off of their land. Since I have been here, I have spoken to hundreds of Serbian families that had lived in Kosovo for generations and had to flee or die. They told me they had taken a few clothes and left their homes, land, tractors, and everything they had accumulated in their lives because the Albanians were forcing them out! HORRIBLE! This all occurred while N.A.T.O forces were on watch! WTF?

One thing I have noticed about Serbs is their belief in lots of conspiracy theories. They come up with some pretty wild ideas. I find myself just shaking my head at some of them. I started digging into one of them after watching “The Weight of Chains”. It is a great documentary about the break up of Yugoslavia.


I was given a few articles about how N.A.T.O country leaders were taking advantage of this “new country” Kosovo. Many of the leaders and cronies had big financial investment in them! The Albright Capital Management Group is a D/C based management company that is headed by Madeline Albright. It will be bidding on the telecommunications company , PTK in Kosovo!!!! Isn’t this a crime or shouldn’t it be??? She was the decider on the military offensive to make it a free entity and now she is going to be making big profits on the selling of their communications company??? HMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!! Sounds like a crime to me!!!!! This isn’t the only scary part!!!!  The sale process has been clouded by corruption allegations, legal challenges, and the death of the state privatization agency’s chief, Dino Asanaj. In June, his body was found in his apartment in Kosovo’s capital city of Pristina, with 11 stab wounds. Authorities say he committed suicide. The company was also previously owned by Serbia before the war!!!! They have filed claims against the sale of this corporation! (shaking my head).  I better keep a low profile or I might end up “killing myself with 11 stab wounds to my torso” … Don’t mess with the political elite!

Yes, I voted for Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996. He used to be my idol and a person I looked up to! I find my face blushing when people remind me of that! I still believe in the Democratic philosophy, but don’t know who to trust anymore! We have been lied to so many times! 😦 I start feeling nauseous when someone mentions Conservatism, but this article by the “Virginia Right” sums a lot of this up.

I am done with defending Madeline Albright!! She even had the gull to call a group of Serbians ” Disgusting Serbs”

Here are a few more interesting articles by an American and a British news source…



ALWAYS QUESTION YOUR NATIONS MOTIVES!!! Don’t just turn on the tv and assume everything you hear is true!!!!

Join me at Say Serbia for more info on Serbia and the Serbian people….


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9 responses to “Albright Saw $$$$$ In Kosovo, not Injustice!

  1. Sergio

    June 20, 2013 at 7:10 pm

    What Bosniaks, Croats, Kosovo Albanians, much of Western Europe and USA think about movie “The Weight of Chains”:

    ”Most critics in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Croatia and Western Worl described the movie as “shallow propaganda” and historical revisionism, trying to whitewash Serbian guilt for wars after the break-up of Yugoslavia, to minimize, deflect and distort the well-established role of Serbian leaders in the former Yugoslavia’s wars.”

    • Lola

      June 21, 2013 at 6:43 am

      That is completely understandable. But, facts are still louder than any assumptions:
      – 90’s War has taken three times more Serbian lives than Bosniaks’, Croats’ and Albanians’ combined.
      – There is still a paragraph in the USA Constitutional Law that says that no republic of Yugoslavia will receive any aid until it has proclaimed independence.
      – Jasenovac.
      – Serbia has been on the side of the Allies in both WW I and WW II, something surrounding countries on the Balkan can not say.
      – Serbia is the only country being bombed by N.A.T.O without performing attack or jeopardizing in any way one of its members.
      – Demographic map of Kosovo today compared to demographic map of Kosovo in the 90’s clearly shows which side suffered ethnic cleansing.
      – Oluja!
      – Serbs don’t consider themselves blameless or strive to be recognized as victims. But, throwing all the blame on one side is unacceptable.

      Given everything, I would say that more severe measures have been taken to minimize, white-wash and deflect others’ guilt in this mess than a ‘shallow propaganda’ movie made by some Serbian-Canadian director.

      P.S. I apologize for the long post.

  2. Zinvkc (@Zinvkc)

    June 20, 2013 at 7:12 pm

    charles, why do you always have to over exaggerate on anything Serbia related? the positive aren’t as great as you say. been there, so i know. Serbia is an unorganized country, leaving in the 20th century. simple, old and ugly looking flats and buildings, barely any class buildings

    also about your exaggeration of girls: those Balkan girls are very, very stubborn, more so than UK/North American girls and not as gorgeous as you make them out to be. this generation of young serbian girls are just like American girls!!! maybe the older serbian girls in their 30s are ok.

    you are full shit.

  3. Sandy Sanders

    June 21, 2013 at 2:51 am

    Thank you for citing my post; please consider my other posts on Serbia and the war at Virginia Right and accept my personal apology for the attack on Serbia by the US and NATO forces.

    Sandy Sanders

  4. Lilly Tatic

    June 22, 2013 at 3:05 am

    Reblogged this on BELEŽNICA.

  5. jj

    June 28, 2013 at 8:00 am

    The conservative American sites were WAY WAY ahead of you on this. In some ways it could be that they didn’t like Clinton and were therefore critical of all his moves. But there were many conservatives critical of Republicans and the policies regarding Serbia when George W. Bush was president.
    At FreeRepublic, a conservative site, there were many who exposed the lies and distortions of the war from the start. There were also posters who’d served there in the UN and quit due to the lies and what they witnessed. One guy was there for years (Tom Gambill) and witnessed the 2004 “pogroms” when still surviving Kosovo Serb villages, were mobbed and homes burned, as well as monasteries looted and destroyed. And there’s even a picture of Albanian young men taking pictures of themselves urinating in the doorway of a burnt out monastery in Prizren with a cellphone camera. Another was a British Intelligence who was based in Pristina after the war. He said the KLA was more threats to Albanian witnesses to their crimes than Serbs. Of course virtually all the Serbs in Pristina had been pushed out by the time he arrived some months after the war so there weren’t really any Serbs left to kill at that point. I do know that within the last few years when they had a KLA commanders trial at the Hague 17 witnesses or family members of those witnesses were killed when he was awaiting or up for trial. There wasn’t anyone left or brave enough to witness against him so he was freed. I think it was Limaj.
    Obviously the Democrats suppress and downplay this news since it didn’t serve their agenda or made their people look bad.

    As for Madeleine Albright, she was on 60 minutes, interviewed by Leslie Stahl, back in 1996, and when Leslie Stahl said there were reports of 500,000 Iraqi children who’d died from the U.S.-led sanctions and if such a price made them (sanctions) worth it. Madeleine Albright calmly said it was a high price, but yes, it was worth it.

    She’s no a humanitarian she’s an evil Czech-born troll and Serb-hater. She even lived in Serbia as a small child since her father was ambassador to Yugoslavia. And I think her birth name was something like Jana Maria Korbel and not Madeleine.

  6. Sergio

    July 13, 2013 at 12:03 am

    Serbs definitely don’t like Americans.

  7. JP

    May 17, 2014 at 10:15 pm

    Watch the avoidable war part 1 and part 2, a totally independent documentary about the break up of Yugoslavia. Many senior politicians of the time are on record telling how much the media and certain governments miss reported and sometimes knowingly. I am a westerner and I feel ashamed of the massive part we palyed in bringing about this war and purely for our own ends. This documentary need to go mainstream so that the wrongs can be put right and Serbs can move on. There were rights and wrongs on all parts in this was and Serbs I have spoke with accept that, where they feel injustice is the west creating a myth of them being the only aggressors and blaming them 100% making the world hate them. It is time for the truth to be told and i really hope it is soon, the media still report whenever they can the perception of the evil big bad Serbs. Enough is enough, they feel betrayed as they fought on our side in both the 1st and 2 nd world wars, many of them died in the name of saving democracy and this is how we repay them!!!


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