Serbia’s Relationship with Mexico

17 Sep

Serbia and Mexico are two countries I have spent numerous time in. They are both wonderful countries with rich history, unique foods, great beverages, pretty girls, kind and hospitable people. I really got a kick out of Serbian women watching Mexican soap operas. I was down in Pirot and my buddy told me how his grandmother spoke zero English… BUT she understood a little Spanish because of them. 🙂

I decided to look for Serbian organizations, communities, etc in Mexico. I found some interesting info…..

Mexico has had a friendly relationship with Serbia for many years. Mexico has had diplomatic relations with the region since 1946. They carried over their diplomatic relations to Serbia after the break up of Yugoslavia. They have an embassy in Belgrade while Serbia has an embassy in Mexico City.

One of the biggest dividing points between Serbia and the rest of the world is the  disputed region of Kosovo. Mexico is one of the many countries that does not recognize the independence of Kosovo. They met with former Serbian Foreign Minster in 2008 and assured Serbia that it wouldn’t support the independence declaration from the Kosovar government.

Mexico and Serbia have been trading partners for many years. The trade is very lopsided with Mexico exporting over 10 million euros and importing barely 1 million euro of Serbian goods as of 2007 trade figures


One of the best known Serbian names in Mexico is Bora Milutinovic “The Miracle Worker”. He is one of the greatest soccer coaches in the history of the world. He is one of only two coaches that has guided 5 different teams to the World Cup…. Mexico(1984), Costa Rica(1990), USA(1994), Nigeria(1998) and China in (2002). He is also the first coach in World Cup history to take 4 different teams past the first round. Soccer runs in the families blood. Him and his two brothers all played for the Serbian club Partizan.  He is currently married to a Mexican lady and living in Qatar.


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2 responses to “Serbia’s Relationship with Mexico

  1. damian cook

    November 4, 2012 at 6:48 am

    And to be honest I find this a little scary and perhaps invasive of my privacy. Is this the direction of the future to attack a bottom level worker and then if by wills hand he gets out of it that the powers that be shovel him back into his shit. do you know what i absolutely dig it because i feel like a politician even though I am just a nobody. it will be interesting to see the direction of this matter because of defamation implications.


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