Respect for Serbia from 4 more foreigners that visited!!

25 Jan

These posts are my favorite… It shows that many people that have visited Serbia have the same impression i do!!!! Thanks for all of these personal accounts!!! It means a lot!!!

The first one come from another gentleman from the USA.  The “peach state or Georgia, is home to a great man that is currently living in Kosovo. He doesn’t feel comfortable giving his name because of his current job but he has  this to say…..

”  Charles, so i missed going to kosovo in 2002 with my lrsd unit by a few months when 10th mtn division was here. anyhow in january 2008 i saw this really cool looking chick in all black on myspace. she had videos of the serbian army doing training on her page. i was thinking, “this chick is bad ass.. ” so i sent her a friend request.. well that chick was “jelena”  my wife, now. anyhow ill write more later.. thats the start of me coming to serbia..anyhow i never really paid attention to the news or anything so i didnt know much about kosovo and serbia. she told me a little about it but not too much. well we became pretty good friends on the internet and her family kind of got to know me and all. we never really expected to meet but we talked about it anyway from time to time. (more of a what if type thing).. we talked pretty much nonstop for the next two years and we both dated whoever and lived our own life. anyhow, so i was unemployed and looking for work and this company wrote me and asked if i wanted a job in kosovo. i accepted the offer and i flew in to “pristina, serbia” as my ticket said and as i still consider it this day. after i arrived in kosovo, i told her i was in a place called kosovo and she got really excited. she informed that she was 2 and a half hours up the road from me.. so the relationship i was in was going to hell and we split up. afterwards, her and i decided to meet in skopje, macedonia and hang out there. she brought a friend and i brought a friend. it was cool and she was cool. i started studying the history of kosovo and started finding lies in all the propaganda the albanians told me. after a lot of researching and digging through the mess i found out that really, albanians killed more of themselves in kosovo than the serbians did. im not going to get too much in to my views but i decided that id start educating americans on the truth about kosovo and bosnia.her and i love to go to monasteries and ive been to nis several times and it is awesome. anyhow..shorten it how you want and any details you want just ask… but thats a summarized version of my story and my intent after i leave this current job and come to serbia where i can have free speech. oh and did you know that when americans came to kosovo, the uck and kla (albanian militias) were shooting at our army?and do not use our names if you say anything about us bro”

Great words, brother!!! Can’t wait to come down and visit you!!!!

The next one is from a young lady named Anna from Canberra, Australia!! I love your city!! I was there twice!!!!! Here is her experience with Novi Sad and Serbia…….

“Hi Charles… My friend told me about you and I had to share my story about Serbia. I am glad you are doing what you are doing. My friends down here in the Serbian community read your blog and posts all the time. My country has many Serbs and I made fast friends with a few of them in my Uni days. They told me about something called “Exit Fest” that was suppose to be a WILD TIME :).  I begged my mom for two months to let me go, She was concerned with my safety after hearing all the crap about Serbia and war. Everyone thinks there is a constant war going on in Serbia. 😉 She finally broke down and let me go. I have to admit that I had a picture of Serbia in my head before arriving and it was NOTHING like what I came to realize.

We arrived in Belgrade in July and it was hot and crowded at the airport with many foreigners. We finally got a bus to Novi Sad for this music fest. I across from two Serbian guys and they were so attractive <3. They spoke perfect English and were total gentleman. We arrived in Novi Sad and met two of my friends cousins. They brought us to their home and I got to meet the whole family. They were just like you described kind, giving, caring but not rich. We ate something called a cavapi and it was very tasty. I am a very picky eater but enjoyed the food. Exit Fest was like nothing I had ever seen! 20 or so stages, music, party 24/7, great people and still safe!  The time ended and it was time to go back home. I hated to leave! I really hope I can afford another trip soon.

Sorry if it is long and boring but I wrote it quickly. Thanks and if you come back down here let us know!”

NICE!!! Exit is a blast!! I had a great time but my liver will never recover!!

The next one is not a quoted experience but a friend of mine named Keith. He is a young man from the beautiful state of California. He had the opportunity to travel to Serbia and live here for a few years while attending a university. He has such a great passion for helping Serbia and its youth. He is finishing his masters program in California and when finished he will be moving to Zrenjanin or Novi Sad to continue the AWESOME organization he started. It is called Serbian Baseball Development Association. He has already coached, raised money, equipment and has a dream to expand baseball to many communities all over Serbia! He has a big heart and great plans! Thanks for all you do, Keith!!!!!!

The last one is from an unlikely source…. Many of you know that I have over 500 muslim friends around the world and they are some of the kindest, and best friends I could have ever dreamed of having! There is  a HUGE propaganda campaign out there that says SERBS HATE AND WANT TO WIPE MUSLIMS OFF THE PLANET!!!  This is what you hear and its how they try to justify intervention. I have  4 more muslim friends of mine that have visited and lived here and want to share their experience. They have yet to respond but keep your eyes peeled…. Ahmed has been a friend of mine for a few years. He and I have similar experiences here. He shared the following……

“charlie, i read your srbian blog alot. it brings back my time in Belgrade. My father was working for the Algerian government in Serbia. My country of Algeria dont recognize Kosovo as a free country. No matter what the world says , i dont think it has anythign to do with religion. i am muslim and love my religion but it is against international law to allow kosovo to be separate. my country and serbia have a friendly relationship and they will never recognize an illegal country. i lived in belgrade for over one year and everyone that knew me knew i was muslim. they were all orthodox but didnt judge or “try to kill me or harm me”. they were all very kind and proud of their country and religion. my religion says to respect everyone and that is what I do. i hate that they make serbians out to be killers. they probably did some bad things but the albainains, bosniaks also did them. you cant judge a whole coutry for war. war is always bad for everyone but srbians always get blamed for bad. i liked there country and have lots of srbian friend..  sorry for my bad English.”

Ahmed.. love you brother!!!!! You are the man!! Can’t wait to some see you!!

THANKS AGAIN AND KEEP THEM COMING!! I love to hear from all of you!!! VOLIM SRBIJU!!!!!!


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8 responses to “Respect for Serbia from 4 more foreigners that visited!!

  1. nele

    January 25, 2012 at 11:50 pm

    You know Charles, somethimes I wonder, do you love my country more then me, I know that i love Serbia all my heart. I appreciate your commitment to good voice Serbia. Salut. All the best to you.

  2. Petra Lambert

    January 26, 2012 at 11:16 am

    Thank you for spreading the truth my friend!It means so much to read the truth and not always the manipulated propaganda against us!

    • cather76

      January 27, 2012 at 12:20 pm

      my pleasure, girl!!! it is just the truth1!!! great to have met you and your husband!!

  3. Charlie

    April 16, 2012 at 11:06 pm

    Hello…I’m an American women … I just found your blog I still have tons to read but it’s helping a lot…I wanted to find out about Serbia was thinking about travel and someone told me I would get nabbed and sold… (not sure where they got that from… Everything I found was slamming serbs… I knew it couldn’t be what they were saying…
    I wanted both sides and I couldn’t find the good… So thank you… So helpful

  4. Dave

    August 18, 2012 at 5:16 am

    Well a Radical Serb has just been elected president. Tomislav Nikolic was elected president of Serbia in May 2012. Nikolic represents the sickest forms of Serbian nationalism. Hate to tell you that, but what does that say about most Serbs? He said some inflammatory remarks regarding Vukovar and Bosnian atrocities. I’m not saying that all Serbs believe Tomislav Nikolic’s politics, but I’m wary that this lunatic could start another war. Tomislav Nikolic said that Serbia should be a provence of Russia.

    • Stefan

      September 17, 2014 at 2:52 pm

      Two years have passed since your idiotic post, and when I look out of the window of my home in Serbia I really can’t see anything that would remind me of a war. Btw. the first and the last time I’ve been in a warzone in Serbia, was when US’s bombs fell onto my land and the land of my forefathers in western Serbia where Serbs live from the VI century. Albanians are, thank God, far away from my home. One of the lobbyists who was for the bombing of Serbia and who gave the final word for it in 1999 has been Bill Clinton, who was portrayed to the American public as a “liberal” politician.

    • Branislav

      April 26, 2017 at 9:50 pm

      Dave, you are stupid, I mean, you are really stupid.

  5. Mike

    September 6, 2013 at 11:47 pm

    Dave you are a faggot mate


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