Two Americans and a British woman tell their Serbia story!

22 Jan

I just received three more AWESOME stories from two American girls and a lady from England.

The first one comes from a young American girl that traveled here for the first time in 2009 and quickly fell in love!!!

“Hey Charles! Ivana told me that she wrote to you about helping me find a job. Thanks so much for the help! She also told me that you are writing a blog about Americans coming to serbia and I would love to help. Ivana and I met through her cousin who lives in America. I came in 2009 to visit her and another friend of mine who vacations every summer in berane cg. I immediately fell in love with Serbia when I came in 2009. At that time I didn’t know a lot of Serbian but everyone was so friendly and always willing to help. I also fell in love with the food and night life. So ivana invited me to come again this year and I couldn’t pass up the offer. So now I am living in zemun and I’ve never been happier in my life. There is always something to do , even if we are just spending our evenings sitting at a cafe. Overall there isn’t anything I can complain about, the beer, rakija and food are amazing along with the people. Please let me know if I can help you with anything else. Are you planning on coming to Belgrade anytime soon? Talk to you soon!”

Great words!!! Thanks Cortny!!!

The next one comes from another American that has yet to visit Serbia but has met some dear friends that are Serbian…

“hello charles, let me start by saying im a big fan of yours and was very happy when vladimir and branko gave me the link to meet you. I have never been to serbia but i hope one day i will be able to visit, as the ppl remind me of the spartans and i respect them very much. Also i find their country is quite beautiful. I have several great serbian friends several who i have not gotten along with in the beginning because they didnt seem to happy when they found out i was once a usa soldier. I inlisted when i was 18 and i was shot in the hip trying to save a friend when we were ambushed on the way back to base in iraq. I was shot when i was 20 and because the us army didnt need to have a gimpy soldier i was forced out of the service. When some of the serbs found out the accusations started and i calmly explained to them that though i was once a soldier i have seen the atrocities my government has caused in the great land of serbia and other countries and that i hate and despice my government with a passion and tthat even though i couldnt say sorry enough for what the usa gov had done, if i had the oppurtunity i would go back in time and change what had happened and i was so terribly sorry. I told them that since i couldnt change what had happened i would try to open the eyes of my fellow americans so that they can see the wrong that had been done. Now i am proud to say that i have won their friendship and respect. I was born and still live in south carolina at the age of 22,but i hope one day to travel abroad. You are quite interesting to me and i would like to post one of your blogs about the horrific movie jolie is making so that maybe my fellow americans will open their eyes like i did a few years ago and i hope to gain support for them against this horrible movie. I have much respect for you and the ppl of serbia. I hope you have a great day and look forward to your answer about me posting your blog. Thank you so much………melissa knutson poston, or as my serbian friend calls me, militza.”

Thanks a lot for your kind words!! Hope to see you in Serbia soon!!

Last but not least is my from my British friend, Tissa…

“Serbia is what made me leave my job in the UK and pack up (my now husband also influenced my decision). My mothers’s Serbian (still classes herself as Yugoslavian though) and father is Japanese. I returned to Serbia for the second time in 2009 after a 6 year gap and was surprised to find that all the people and faces I’d encountered on my first visit were quick to hear of my arrival and make an appearance. They took me out, showed me around the city, drank with me, fed me, told jokes, they were nothing but extremely generous and entertaining… I have never experienced this treatment in any other country and most definitely not in the UK.

My husband and I became friends on my first visit to Belgrade and kept in small contact throughout the years as friends (his lack of english and my lack of serbian made this a little tough) However during my visit in 2009 sparks flew and within 6 months I’d learnt the language, and by the next summer we were married and pregnant a month after the ceremony. Weddings in Serbia and the balkans are something of a different world. (Charles will have to do a post about them) They are so much livlier than any English ceremony I’d ever been too.

My experience with Serbs are nothing but positive. Majority of my friends are not on a high wage bracket, yet they are forever happy, laughing, socialising, outside, running errands, helping neighbours, helping family and friends, preparing for celebrations, preserving pickles, carrying watermelons…. the thing I admire most is they never run short of a sense of humour (even if quite often it is black humour)

I love the country even beside its dark spaces and not so positive areas. However a country that had been through so much turmoil for so many hundreds of years has an absolutely admirable attitude to life.

This VS the UK for example- Some people in the UK (some high earners) are anti-social, cold, not hospitable, fail to offer a drink on entering their home (if they ever even invite you in their home- I’ve known people for several years and have never seen the inside of their home or met their family) are miserable, lack sense of humor, binge drink to the point that I don’t remember the last conversation when they were sober as by the time they make it to a club they have already been drinking for hours before hand at home… they work extremely long hours with minimal break and on leaving work they turn into zombies… a million miles away from flashing me a smile on the tube.

Zivela Srbija! ”

Great story!!!! I have yet to experience a Serb wedding.. It sounds like it is a MUST!!! Thanks a lot!!!

It is great to hear from foreigners that have actually taken the time to check out this beautiful little country!! If any of you have others with similar stories … email me …


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5 responses to “Two Americans and a British woman tell their Serbia story!

  1. Sasa

    January 22, 2012 at 7:00 pm

    You must be Ambassador to Serbia this is great !!!

    • cather76

      January 22, 2012 at 7:01 pm

      thanks old buddy!!!

  2. tissa

    January 22, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    Awesome work lovely! You did good!

    • cather76

      January 23, 2012 at 1:56 pm

      thanks girl… thanks for your wonderful story.

  3. Dusan

    July 13, 2013 at 12:51 pm

    very nice txt from ‘melissa knutson poston’ nice to see finally someone is getting the right picture from all of this. sorry she got shot and out of service…though I’m also a ‘service man’ I understand the feeling..would like to get in touch about some details about Iraq service. Well done job promoting the truth and true serb nature. Like all nations we have our good and bad things. Not giulty for defending our owns someone like it or not. Always am and always will fight for SERBIA. Going through history every one with common sense will understand WE ALWAYS FIGHT DEFENDING OURSELVES. Of course, US people and US policy are two different things,thats the thing we all understand 🙂


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