Why did I choose Zrenjanin???

15 Jan

I get asked by all my followers … “WHY DID YOU CHOOSE ZRENJANIN?”

My first contact was with two Serbs that lived in Zrenjnanin. I was here for two weeks last June and fell in love with it. It is the 6th largest city in Serbia and the municipality contains 21 villages with a population of around 122K .Zrenjanin is a nice escape from the BUSY cities of Novi Sad and Belgrade but only an hour away from each. Here are some reasons why I love Zrenjanin……..

  1. short trip from Belgrade, Novi Sad, Hungary and Romania… it is great way to relax and refresh yourself after a few days in the big cities…
  2. many yearly celebrations… Dani Piva or Beer days is an absolute BLAST!!! It is held in August and features many different genres of music and of course some of the best beer Serbia has to offer!!!! They also celebrate  a folk craft celebration, “golden kettle” or cooking contest along with a “harvest fest” in July!!!!
  3. its home to many different ethnic groups and nationalities. i have meet many Hungarians, Bosnians, Slovenian, German, etc… They are all friendly, laid back and love to share their customs!
  4. it contains hundreds of small shops…coming from the USA  it is rare to see so many small clothing, food, electric, bakeries, etc that are family owned. the products are unique and cheap.
  5. it contains lots of culture!! they have a museum, art gallery, cultural center and boasts the oldest theater, built in 1839, in the Eastern Balkans with live shows every weekend!
  6. beautiful nature…. it has many parks, a nature preserve, LOTS of water! Peskara is a man-made sandy beach on the outskirts of the city that has FREE admission and beer is allowed on the beach! It also contains many unique bridges and one “dry bridge” with no water under.. i am still trying to figure that one out! 🙂
  7. hunting and fishing for sportsmen. they have a hunting club that will arrange your entire hunting trip… they also have HUGE carp in the river Begej and the local lakes and ponds. they also have a shooting range on the outskirts of town…
  8. gorgeous city center that is bicycle friendly and full of picturesque buildings! It also contains Hotel Vojvodina .. a beautiful, low priced hotel… 40,000 dinars…
  9. excellent public transportation…. there are local bus stops all over town and the cabs in Zrenjanin are some of the quickest I have encountered.. many times I will call a cab and they are always there in under 5 minutes! The train station is another affordable way to travel.. it is only a few blocks from the city center…BEWARE.. the trains aren’t the best looking or most reliable but they are cheap! Walking is also another option… everything is only a few blocks from the center…
  10. historic churches…. this is a diverse town with many different religious denominations…. they have some BEAUTIFUL churches for all faiths..One Orthodox church dates back to 1746!! A must see is the Calvanist Church or “white church”…
  11. public swimming pool … if you dont feel like going to Peskara and want a clean, cheap dip in the pool … you can’t beat the Zrenjanin pool!!!
  12. sports is a HUGE attraction in Zrenjanin.. Zrenjanin and the surrounding villages have had many olympic medalists reside here. The city boasts two sports stadiums… one of them, Crystal Hall, was built in 2009 and was built with the highest construction standards in Europe.. Check out a basketball game, handball, ping pong or volleyball match! There is also a golf course on the outskirts of town! Tennis is another big sport in Zrenjanin. There is a beautiful indoor tennis court 5 minutes from downtown!
  13. it contains 3 local tv stations and local radio with English music…
  14. over 20 schools with English programs and friendly administration for those of you who love to volunteer!
  15. affordable housing!!! you can easily find a nice apartment… no contract, cheap utilities for about $100 a month!!! Belgrade and Novi Sad are a little bit higher!
  16. former industrial powerhouse of Yugoslavia… there are remains of many factories that were in use up to the fall of communism in the early 90’s.. Zrenjanin was the center of manufacturing and still has many factories in use!


But my favorite thing about Zrenjanin is the manyyyyyy bars and cafes that litter the entire town!! You are never far from a small cafe, pub or pizzeria!!! Here is a list of some of my favorites!!!!

  • Havana… It is located 2 minutes from the city center and has one of the most beautiful interiors of any bar I have ever been in! It is decked out in Cuban artifacts, statues and photos…. great service and outdoor, salsa music every Saturday!! you must visit this place!!
  • Green Bell… It is located smack dab in the center of town. it is beside the Hotel Vojvodina and beside the museum. Great English speaking staff and a  large, laid back room to chill out for a coffee or pivo! They also have a large outdoor stage that creates a great dancing environment for you party animals!
  • The Loft…. It is located on Svetozara Markovica street or one road back from the center. It is a small little bar that serves some the best “Big Macs” in town! McDonalds was in Zrenjanin but closed a few years back. The Loft took advantage of it and makes a burger that tastes IDENTICAL to it! They are quick, under 10 minutes, cheap and economical!!! You can get a burger, the best fries in town and a pivo for about $4!!!! If you are in the mood for a coffee it will run you about 85 dinars…
  • Cafe Bridge bar…. It offers a river view, cheap sandwiches and my favorite is a Palacinka… it looks like a burrito but has ham, cheese etc in it… only 130 dinars… less than $2 dollars for a filling meal!
  • N & N cafe… one of the most attractive outdoor bars in town.. it is located RIGHT DOWN TOWN.. they have a water fountain, friendly staff and regular priced pivo!
  • Basic… It has the best staff in town!!! Boris and the guys will treat you like a king!! I tipped all the guys 1000 dinars for Christmas and they were very grateful!! He remembers your name and your preference of alcohol! Great place for younger crowd!!
  • Santos… it is owned by the local media guy! it is right in the center of town and server some AWESOME pasta!! I love to eat here when I crave Italian…
  • Ultra Cafe… it is also located in the middle of town… they serve great pizza!!!
  • Max Cafe.. it is on the next road over and located by the economic school… lots of kids frequent this place.. they are friendly and great place to chill and watch the crowd…
  • San Marcos…. it is a larger club a few minutes from downtown and  is a great party place… many kids celebrate their 18th birthday there…
  • Inter Duo is another night club that I spent Serbian New Years eve… great dance floor and large space!! Lots of girls!!!!!
  • Museum bar…. THE BEST DEAL FOR YOUR DOLLAR!!! You can get a LARGE draft Lav for 100 dinars!! Most bars are around 120-140 dinars!!!!

There are manyyyyyyyy other little places that provide awesome service and excellent pivo!!!

Zrenjanin is a great vacation stop for everyone!! I have been here for 6 months and still loving it!! One negative is on Sunday the town is DEAD!!! No one is in the center or at the bars and its similar to a ghost town!!!! If you are looking a fun, cheap, exciting and relaxing weekend….. CHECK OUT ZRENJANIN!!!!!!!


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6 responses to “Why did I choose Zrenjanin???

  1. zr

    January 15, 2012 at 7:05 pm

    • cather76

      January 16, 2012 at 8:55 pm

      beautiful picture… hvla puno!

  2. Nikola Makljenovic

    January 15, 2012 at 7:29 pm

    The dry bridge. Once long ago, the part of town called Little america (when you cross the green bridge, to the cultural center, and where the courthouse is thats little america) was once an island surrounded by the Begej, that river. Then they closed the path to the river and made several little lakes, while it was a river the dry bridge connected little america with the mainland, now when there are lakes, as it happens they put soil under the bridge when making the lakes, thats why there is no water under it… 😀

    • cather76

      January 16, 2012 at 8:51 pm

      hahaahahha.. hvala puno, you are the best!!!! thanks for the info and thanks for reading!

  3. Ivan

    January 16, 2012 at 1:22 am

    I am not from Zrenjanin i live in Novi Sad i have friends in Zrenjanin and i go there from time to time you chose a great town to live in 🙂 I really want to thank you for being a great ambassador for our country and your efforts to open peoples eyes and even encourage them to come and visit this country. I really appreciate that you seem to understand the hardship that these people here went through and you dont take insults or inapropriate nationalist outbursts seriously. After all the shit that happened here it is unfortunately normal for people to hate Croatians Bosnians Americans etc because alot of people lost someone in the wars in the 90s and cant comprehend that not all Croatian Americans Bosnians etc are idiots killers and other forms of lowlife scum that happened to be in control of these lands in the 90s…..This chaos and hatred does not benefit any normal person and you help us who live here understand an important lesson. You came here without prejudices all the way from IL to live here and left alot of things behind you so that you can start a life here and you showed that you can have a normal life and the community accepted you without hatred fake patriotism etc. so if you could make such a big step. Then the hell with it alot people here could make a few small steps trying understand that we are humans first and then Serbs Americans Russians Mongols…..
    ps: I mean seriously we have the prettiest girls, cheep(and quite good) beer, homemade rakija, we eat sarma, celebrate two new years and a slava and we still have time to be mad at others that aint right 🙂

    • cather76

      January 16, 2012 at 8:49 pm

      What an awesome comment… thanks so much.. it seriously brought tears to my eyes… thanks… i did leave behind a lot… its great to have such great supporters… you keep me going… hvala puno!!! thanks for reading!!!


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