Why the Serbs have adopted me into their lives..

29 Dec

My first little experiment with Serbia started back in May 28th of 2010 as you know. I came here ignoring the lies and propaganda and wanted to see the country from an open mind. I met many beautiful, kind, respectful, proud people with a very unique culture, food, and living standards. I was so touched on my two week vacation that I went home, quit my $60,000 a year job for a volunteer job in central Mexico.

The whole time in Mexico I couldnt get Serbia out of my head. It was always in the back of my mind!! I started researching the history, struggle war, language etc and read many evil, and cruel things. It made me so angry I made a 3 minute Youtube video called “My Opinion of Serbia” I thought maybe 5 friends from Zrenjanin would watch it but it took off. My friend from Belgrade called me one day and said “you are on the cover of Kurrir” I said “what is that” He said “its one of the most popular papers in Serbia. I then started receiving hundreds of messages from Serbs throughout the world. Many said they were moved to tears  because someone took the time to notice the nice things they do and their unique3 culture. I was BLOWN AWAY!!! I then decided Serbia was where I would be! I left my job, bought a one way ticket to Serbia and have been here since July. Upon arrival I was greeted like a moviestar. I had many newspapers… Blic, Kurrir, Politika, Danas, Zrenjanin and 24 Satat write stories on me. I also was invited to Belgrade RTS National station for an interview . Prva Exploziv came to Zrenjanin to do a story on me allong with local tv stations like Santos, Ktv and RTV. It has been amazing!! I have also had about 200 Americans, Britsm Irish, French and people all over write me asking me for more info on Serbia as they had always wanted to visit but were terrified. I am happy to do such a great thing and open peoples eyes..

If i can provide one bit of info to all of you it would be ” do one act of kindness to a stranger every chance you get” It can really change your life and make a difference to so many!!! I have started a baseball donation drive for Zrenjanin, volunteering with 7 schools and working with a few American colleges on some exchange programs and informative speeches on Serbia. I was also contacted by a  documentary writer and he wants to have me in his upcoming documentary on Serbia. The rest is a secret but will come soon!!!!! MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THIS WORLD!!!!!! WE ARE ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!!!!!!!!


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3 responses to “Why the Serbs have adopted me into their lives..

  1. EDCgear (@EDCgear)

    December 29, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    Thanks for all kind words and thing you’ve done for us!!

    Hope to hear from you soon and get that beer!!


  2. Mim Bizic

    December 29, 2011 at 4:55 pm

    Thank you so much from ALL of us, both in Serbia and in America too. Together, we CAN be the difference we want to see in the World!

    BTW, did you ever see my American-Serb History 101 website? You may like it too, and want to pass on to more of your friends!

    Thanks! Puna hvala jopet!

  3. SerbianGuy

    December 29, 2011 at 8:10 pm

    True, thanks man! Hvala brate!


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