Havana bar Zrenjanin

29 Dec

Zrenjanin is always worth a weekend trip. Nightlife is very important to me and one place that you MUST visit is a beautiful little bar called Havana. Being from the USA and being aware of our travel ban to Cuba and our governments many years of distrust…. I cautiously checked it out one afternoon fearing the CIA was watching me. …. 

It is located a few blocks from the center of the city. It is across the street from the Xclub or a strip joint so If you have a few beers and need to loosen up just crawl across the street!!!!

I walked in for the first time back in July. It caught my eye and I was looking for a good hang out, beer and use of free internet that is everywhere in Zrenjanin. I walked in and was in awe of the decor.. it is decked out in all kinds of Cuban pictures, instruments, statues and very  beautiful chairs and tables. The first bar tender that I encountered was named Denis Fox, which is an odd name for Serbia because it doesnt end in IC or OV. hahaha.. He spoke perfect English and was an absolute gentleman. His other co worker, Darko Micic  and the manager Vanya Babic they  treated me great also. I have became a regular in this little bar and have met the owner, Krunislav Kica Grujic. He runs the place with QUALITY in mind... not profit!!!!! They opened in October of 2010 and he has spent thousands on renovations. It holds over 600 customers and always has live salsa music on Saturday and a little softer music on Friday! It is aimed at older and more professional adults as you must be 18 to get in on Friday night. They operate from 8:30-Mid Mon-Thurs, 8:30AM-3Am on Friday and 8AM to 4AM on Saturday. If you are in Zrenjanin make this your first stop!! One large glass of black AWESOME Serbian beer will cost you 139 dinars… very average for the area!

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