My arrival in Belgrade…..

27 Dec

May 28th 2010 is a date that will live in infamy! I flew Chicago to Paris and then took a Serbian Airlline called Jat. I get on in Parisand was instantly scared… I thought…”what am i doing here alone”! I arrived at Nikola Tesla  airport and the first thing I noticed when touching down was the almost TOTAL orange roofs in Belgrade.. In the USA you seewa many different colors of roofing but in Belgrde it was almost exclusively ORANGE… I get off the plane into customs and was grilled by a 40ish gal… she asked me “why are you here?” who are you staying with” etc… i said i really dont know.. i have a lot of friends in Serbia from North to South.. She looked in my bag and was kind.. She wished me a very happy trip in her country…I first noticed  my friend “Mladden and Alexandar.. They were tall, friendly and very full of personality. We hit it off quickly.. they took me from the airport and put me in my friends “Yugo”.. being from a country where you see very vew small cars it was odd… They used propane to run it because its so much cheaper than Gas.. It was raining and we drove through Belgrade. I saw many buildings that had been bombed….…I asked many of my buddies… “what happened””why are these buildings falling down”.. they said ‘ that is what your wonderful country did to our”!!! uhhhhhhhhhhhh… it makes you feel about 1 inch tall!!!

My country went on a 70 day bombing mission…. It was all over the recognition of kosovo as an independent country… My opinion is a little swayed to Serbia.. The way i look at it… if Texas our historic center.or..Washington DC…was occupied by many minorities and one day they say” hey we want our own country”i would be like most average serbs… I would say ” Washington is USA” not a free country.. we would  defend it and attack anyone that tried to separate it from the the USA….. Kosovo is the heart of Serbian religion, history and soul!! I think it i is DEAD wrong for my country to come here and tell them what to do!!! Just my opninion!!!!

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